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Programmers desk offers seamless solution with dynamic development in javascript that will be compatible across diverse platforms with complete quality assurance.
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Why work with Programmers Desk

Programmers desk is a disciplined solution provider offering

100% quality assurance:

Our precise development model in javascript will be based on comprehensive quality testing and analysis that will provide you the best development.

Complete security:

We will provide an agile yet secure development that will allow proper transition and maintenance of data as well as prior NDA formalities in place.

Maintaining cost efficiency:

We adhere to competitive pricing in regards to the agile development that we provide in javascript.

Dedicated resources:

Our resources will work as per your reporting and will be an extension of your working power in all accounts.

Stay in control:

You will be provided complete intimation about the entire development process where you can share your inputs and stay in control of the project.

On time delivery:

We will adhere to your stipulated timeframe and will provide you a delivery meeting your deadlines perfectly.

Our core services

We will provide you

Web Applications:

We provide our state of the art development of applications in Javascript.

Web pages:

Our pages developed will be compatible and responsive across all popular web servers.

Payment Gateways:

We will integrate secure as well as transparent payment gateways in javascript that will be user centric in all accounts.

Ecommerce applications:

Our developed ecommerce applications in javascript will be perfectly compatible and responsive in varied platforms.

Web portals:

We will develop rich web portals meeting your business requirements in propriety.

Web browser/Page Enhancements:

Our browsers and enhancement of pages in javascript will help you find competitive edge in the search engine


We will provide perfect customization as per your tailor made needs.

Integration & Plugin development:

We will do the necessary integrations and will also develop the plugins for easy maintenance and access.

Content management tools:

Our developed CMS in Javascript will help you maintain the flow of information.

Over 1,300 Joomla! projects completed to date