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With 10 years of experience, we've developed over 1,300 Joomla! projects from small websites to
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Why Partner with Programmers Desk?

Do you want to stay attuned to present and future developments? Are you in search of a partner who can act as an ingenious extension of yourself? Do you want to get better returns on your investments with the help of solutions, services and products offered by your Partner?

Programmers Desk develops web and mobile applications, customized website designs, enterprise-wide solutions, tools for doing business, web solutions with HTML markup, solutions for online marketing, for the last five years in India. It has acquired a presence all across the globe by serving different and demanding clients in more than ten countries including the UK, USA, UAE and Canada with the help of a highly experienced and expert team.

Benefits of collaborating with Programmers Desk

A clientele existing all across the globe
More opportunities for earning revenue
Lesser amount of risks
Expert support of a technical team
Association with a reputed brand
Greater opportunities for promoting business
Greater access to tools and resources
A relationship for mutual benefit

The various partnership options offered by us:

Business Partners

They are the expert professionals whose visions about driving and transforming the business with innovative ideas are the same as ours. The solutions that we provide are identical as well as the domains that both of us work for.

Service Partners

They are integrators including service providers and consultancy firms with who whom we build a strategic partnership. We address the challenges that our clients face with their businesses, with the help of our partner’s expertise and competence in technical domains.

Referral Partners

Companies with a solid network of professionals can use this program to forward the leads, which have matured, to us at Programmers Desk and we will do the rest. They do not need to be from the internet industry to start a Referral Partnership while you can claim a share of the profit.

Technology Partners

Our common vision is to help the clients have access to state-of-the-art solutions so that they can get a completely satisfying experience that an end user can achieve by being able to optimize performance continuously.

Private Label Partners

This is an ideal program for those brands that already have a reputation in the market, have an expert marketing department that has the capability of generating leads, but want to refrain from investing in any technical design. We can work as your extension in the background if you outsource the delivery of the final solution to us where your quote for the solution is final. You will be responsible for the communications with clients, and the account and billing will have your name only.

Software Partners

We partner with ISVs and developers who can provide innovative ideas for creating software applications that can be completely integrated with the wide variety of products encompassing different industries and domains. Our Partners are crucial for us, as they provide solutions to meet market requirements that are comprehensive and extensive.

Strategic Alliance Partners

We, at Programmers Desk, welcome experts and companies, involved in providing web services, who have anything to offer beyond the services that we offer, to set up a strategic alliance with us. The customers will be able to take care of their requirements on a broader perspective. A platform can be yours to increase your revenues by getting access to a larger customer base. This program can be conducted either under the umbrella of Programmers Desk or as Co-Branded Partners.

We believe that collaboration between firms produces the best technological solutions. The benefits that we provide to our partners while functioning jointly are the following.

  • Expertise with Experience: We offer our huge amount of technical expertise and business acumen that we have acquired over more than a decade.
  • Communication Excellence: We help to communicate effectively with clients, which is of highest importance for the success of a project.
  • Managing projects:We take the help of some software like Basecampq regularly to maintain our sync with the latest trends in web development and design.
  • Time and costing: You can achieve cost benefits from the strong and solid solutions that we provide when you outsource the job to us. We can submit the deliverables across the world at the right time.
  • Support services:We provide a complete set of world-class support services regarding the infrastructure.
  • Assurance of Quality: We give top quality assurance and always own up any faults that may have occurred in the projects that we proudly claim to have completed.
  • Confidentiality:Our vision is based on partnerships. We can assure you of the highest ethical standards in business and complete reliability when you form a partnership with Programmers Desk.

Have questions or concerns?

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