Privacy Policy

Programmers desk values privacy of our clients and follows a stringent practice as per the norms and guidelines that we lay down for our privacy policies.

We have illustrated in details about the different best practices that we adhere for you to read before engaging into a partnership with us.

NDA agreement

Programmers desk respects your intellectual property and will maintain complete security of the information shared. The copyright will solely be yours.

  • Programmers desk will not use your development model and use it with any other clients
  • Programmers desk will maintain complete confidentiality of the information shared including contacts of clients and other data.
  • Programmers desk will never look to contact your clients neither during the development process nor in the future

In case of any dispute between you and Programmers desk, we will only disclose that information as needed in a court of law for effective settlement of dispute.

Commitment to securing data

We will ensure complete protection of your data with the robust infrastructure and infusion of physical, electronic and other processes of managerial nature that will adhere to industry compliance standards in best proportions.

We use effective disaster management and encryption processes to safeguard your shared information in right proportions.

Have questions or concerns?

if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us using the links below

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