10 Cloud Applications for Web Designers and Developers

cloud application development

The Cloud Applications for designing the websites are opening up new possibilities every day and the applications are getting more versatile every day. The dream of a Web Designer is to design hybrid applications that can be used both as Mobile Application For iOs And Android and give a native-like UX and cloud based. Therefore, the competition is on to develop more and more cloud-based applications and on native and hybrid platforms. Though, the focus will always be on developing one universal language like Esperanto that will talk to all gadgets and breach the language barrier. The days are not far off when the proprietary platforms will be forced to a single language on consumer demand, till then the developers will go on developing better and better cloud-based applications.

1. The Atomic Interface

  • Atomic interface is collaborative software that you can share with your team and is used for designing. The most Important Aspect Of Web Design is to get hold of prototyping. Unfortunately, there was little options before, but there was little options
  • If you are a designer, you will always be free from the tension how the end products will look like if you have a prototype to look at.
  • The Atomic designing will give you the powers to do that
  • The best of the Atomic is that you can do the work in a team, and you can share the job and what more work simultaneously on it each taking care of different aspects of the design without any risk of corrupting or overwriting others job.

2. The Cloud9 IDE

    • The Cloud9 IDE is another such product that will be the front runner
    • You see how your product will behave or look like in any platform you don’t need to install the browser you can test the behavior on the live preview
    • A favorite with the designers of UI it has a few more tricks it has features like syntax highlighting.

    3. The Codeanywhere tool

      • The beauty of Codeanywhere is as the name implies you to code from anywhere you need only the connectivity
      • It is fast, and you won’t feel that you are using it from your mobile, the thing is so light weight
      • It is a code editor, and it supports web formats like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, XML and CSS

      4. The Dropbox magic

        • Sharing file is never easy, and Dropbox with its cloud cover looks it simple.
        • The magic of Dropbox is that it synchronized the files you keep here automatically with your device
        • You can share large files and videos with anyone using Dropbox; you are simply sending a link to the person with whom you want to share the file
        • You can share a file with your fellows, and as you edit a file it get updated automatically, and the update is always ready to share

        5. The GitHub development process

          • The GitHuB is a platform where you can build your software share it with the public or can keep it private
          • The beauty of GitHub is that the public projects are free, and private projects are chargeable
          • The platform conforms to the best security standard

          6. The Sketch tools

            • The Sketch is mainly for the UX and UI focused developers.
            • The advantage of Sketch is that the shapes are items on layers and help you to create intricate and complex shapes and you can edit it
            • The text rendering will show you how your application will appear in the application accurately

            7. Adobe Color CC

              • Previously known as Adobe Kuler, it allows the designers to use different palettes.
              • The designer can use up to five shades to create Responsive Design
              • If you are a CSS guy the Adobe color CC is a must for you

              8. The interactive InVision

                • The InVision is for the designers. It is a prototyping tool and
                • You can understand how the final slow will go
                • It has many cool features and is expected to make the splash among the designers.

                9. Sharing with the tram using JumpChart

                  • If you are working as a team and need to collaborate the JumpChart is your automatic choice
                  • It will allow you to share the contents, comments files, and notes with the team members

                  10. The graphic design with UXPin

                    • The UxPin is wireframing tool, and it has cool features like customization
                    • The cool thing is that the designers can use its UI features and can also access the Android and iOS features from the respective libraries.

                    The Race is on

                    The moment people think that they have reached the end of the tunnel the technology opens up new vista starting a fresh race. The Cloud Application is one such area that has opened new opportunity and challenge to the developers to design new Web Application Development Company Tools. The race is on again.

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