6 Reasons Why You Can’t Develop A Mobile Application On Your Own

Mobile application development

Trying to develop a mobile application! Think twice before taking the jump. If you are planning to do it for your use, then go ahead. If you are trying to sell it to a Mobile Application Development Services, then deploy your time and money elsewhere. A particular job needs a particular skill set.

Penetrating the Market

The reasons why you wonít try developing a mobile app are many here are a few:

  • The data shows only one or two new company has so far proved their skill, and it indicates that it needs a deep understanding of the subject from design concept to UI and UX
  • The best Mobile App Development is on native apps, and the companies have grown with the apps.
  • They are in the field for quite a long time and know the native language well and all its nook and cranny
  • The top earners are only a few. Because they are using the native languages for years and highly proficient in the language
  • You need a good infrastructure to develop and maintain the apps. It will require manpower and equipment and thatís costly affair
  • You will have to make your app version compatible, and thatís another cumbersome job and need infrastructure in addition to the bug fixing

The App Developer Explosion

The average half-life of a mobile app according to data sources is six months. The reason is the applications are not good. And you cannot push a useless application to the customer. There are around 5.5 million Mobile App Developers now jostling in this arena. The mobile world is fiercely fought, and the UI and UX are the last words here. The Smartphone market is exploding, and also the market for mobile app developers.

The Main Hurdle

The web development needs a bunch of experienced programmers who is conversant with the tricks of the trade. Using a single language compatible with every platform is a utopia. You can try a few, but the experience of the end user matters. If your app is not silky smooth, the user will reject it. Now the alternate is not very feasible because;

  • No such code exists that can give the smoothness of native application. You must be conversant and have an extensive knowledge of the APIs involved.
  • The strength of a good Mobile App Development Company is to understand the core capability. If you think you will learn and do it, then the lead time will be more. And why should a user take the trouble to accept a stuttering app when a glitch-free app is available.
  • The cost of the app is not the concern of the user because he will get plenty of free downloads.
  • The UI, The UX and the fluid like navigation a user demand, If you canít give it then, you have no place.
  • If you are going for the native app, then consider how your app stands apart from the other apps and how can it benefit your customer. If your app can fry omelets or brew a cup it will be smashing hit and clients will brave the trouble to use it, but probably the technology has not advanced that far.

The Ultimate Realization

It is difficult to break the ice as a new comer. If you have a dedicated team and enough fund to play with, you can of course try, but it will be cost effective to outsource from an excellent company. You can try Mobile App Developers India it will be cheaper. Just try to understand that the job is not that easy. Therefore, the catch is elsewhere. If you go into the discussion, then the answer will be clear.

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